Saturday, December 5, 2015


Diamonds seem to have a unique allure.  The sparkle is simply refracted light from crystalline surfaces polished and cut with artistic precision.  The stone is simply carbon born from billions of years of heat and pressure deep within the earth's mantel.  Diamonds are found in small deposits from Arctic Canada to Sub-Saharan Africa and although widely distributed globally, all diamonds are not equal.  Size, quality and cut determine value and the worth of these gemstones varies tremendously.

Our January 16th Winter Art and Antiques Auction offers a collection of vintage diamond jewelry of exceptional quality.  One piece however stands out from the crowd, it is a 1940's vintage round brilliant cut diamond set in gold.  What makes this diamond so special is a combination of quality and size.  This gemstone is a whopping 4.2 Carat weight!  It was purchased as an engagement ring by a Major League Baseball player with his World Series bonus.  

A stone of this size and quality is rare indeed and will be offered at auction.  Carbon born from the earth's crust over billions of years will grace hand of the highest bidder!