Monday, April 7, 2014


I have been neglectful of this blog for the past two months and I sincerely apologize to my audience (of three). We have been absolutely dedicated with maniacal focus to cataloging this sale.  The work load of researching, vetting, photographing, measuring and describing in detail 400 very specialized lots was woefully underestimated by yours truly.  It was an absolute joy however and as we move to the next stage of the sale, the catalog (now available on our homepage) is one I am proud of.

This collection certainly offers some unique items of historical importance.  The uniform group once worn by Commodore Perry and his sword should be considered national treasures.  This man was a hero of the fledgling United States Navy, which faced the British during The War of 1812 and thrashed them soundly!  Omar Bradley's dress uniform is another headline grabber.  He was a five star general in command of over one million troops in Europe during World War Two. It is simply incredible to me, that these items are being offered for sale to the public.

The uniforms, hats, belts, boots and gear in this sale all represent something much larger than the materials and craftsmanship which went into their creation.  Although the collection covers over three centuries and many different countries, every piece shares an important quality, they are a testament to the brave men who used them.  A simple khaki service uniform worn by an infantry officer in 1918 during the horrors of trench warfare in Flanders, the Sword presented to a Confederate cavalry officer by his men during the battle Gettysburg,  or the uniform worn by a U-Boat petty officer while the battle for the Atlantic raged above, all represent the legacy of those who were willing to give their lives in service.

I am getting very excited as the date approaches,  this sale represents a rare opportunity and is simply thrilling to a militaria collector and enthusiast like me.  The crew is ready, the advertising in place, the catalog finished, all that is left is for you to join us on Saturday, April 26th at 11:00. I look forward to seeing you at the auction!