Thursday, January 2, 2014


I am getting excited for our January sale!  The new year has been born and I cant wait to see what treasures 2014 will yield.  Every day in this business is a little adventure, a treasure hunt, a glimpse into the past.  I have resolved for '14 to work harder, dig deeper and cast an even wider net to bring our customers the rare, the desirable and the beautiful.

We are putting the finishing touches on our exceptional Winter Art and Antiques Auction.  We have carefully selected lots to appear in our main line advertising and marketing pieces.  Our glossies are ordered, our lotting is finished and our catalog is proofed.  I leaned back in my chair in satisfaction and poured a Hennessy to toast when our phone rang.  A voice asked if there was time to add any consignments to our sale.  My instinct was to suggest our Spring sale and explain that January was now closed, but I couldn't help asking "What do you have?" The answer: "Some things from the Revolutionary War".  This sale is reopened!

As I entered the formal dining room of this ancient South Shore home, laid out on the table was a leather cartridge box, a cheesebox canteen and an absolutely amazing silk embroidered vest.  Now if I had a dime for every "Revolutionary War" item I have gone to see, I would be sitting on a Hawaiian Beach writing this, but upon closer inspection these three items are absolutely the genuine article, the real deal.  

The cartridge box although a bit rough is definatly period.  The canteen even has it's original red paint and its owners initials carved into the side.  Could these pieces have witnessed General Howe fleeing Boston under Washington's Guns?  Were they carried across the Delaware on that famous snowy night?  Sometimes I wish these things could speak and tell their stories.  The vest was truly something to behold.  Original 18th Century clothing is just as rare as it gets!  The silk was in an exceptional state of preservation and the embroidery was just stunning.  Covered in Delicate hand stitched flowers and foliate design, this vest would have put the "D" in dandy. It seems the New Year is getting off to a great start!

These three wonderful late editions are going to be offered for sale in our January 21st Sale, 6:00 PM at Memorial Hall, 83 Court Street, Plymouth MA.  See you at the Auction!