Monday, September 23, 2013


The best stuff just keeps on rolling in!  Our November 19th Sale is shaping up to be exactly what I had hoped for Thanksgiving in America's Hometown.  Months ago I thought a sale centered around as many local items as possible would generate some excitement.  When I say local, I mean Plymouth, Massachusetts and New England,  things connected with our Pilgrim past and of course artifacts left by Native Americans.  

An old collection of pre contact stone arrowheads and tools found in Plymouth came through our doors.  A stone mortar and pestle was my favorite along with some magnificent quartz bird points.  Continuing with this theme, a 1682 land grant to Plymouth Colony from a Wampanoag Sachem, for land in Yarmouth was consigned for November's sale.  Another rare piece of Americana is an 1818 Proclamation from Massachusetts Governor John Brooks in an exceptional state of preservation.  

A large group of Currier and Ives Lithographs has also come in, including a very apropos "Pilgrims Landing at Plymouth".  A grouping of early 20th Century Plymouth souvenir porcelain plates and pitchers, along with sterling silver spoons followed.  These lots were accompanied by a great collection of kitchen primitives including some 18th Century wrought iron!  

With two months before the sale, I cant wait to see what we uncover in the attics and basements of the Old Colony,  we will keep you posted.  As always looking forward to seeing you at the auction.