Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have always enjoyed fine hand loomed rugs, they are truly works of art and can be appreciated as such. In the antiques business they are ubiquitous, It seems like I see at least one on every house call.  I can see the beauty in an average late 20th Century Hamadan, or a coarsely woven Afghan, but all rugs are not created equal.  Occasionally I look down at my feet and see something spectacular.  Today my lowered gaze rested on an exceptional Antique silk prayer rug.  This masterpiece dates from the 19th Century and embodies hundreds of years of tradition, design and craftsmanship.  I instantly knew it to be a prayer rug, although it was not pointing to Mecca, it did have a point.

This beautiful rug was embellished with an intricate design and color choice which pointed to the Northern Caucasus, upon closer inspection, a rug from the Dagestan tribal region.  This fine example demonstrated quality in a very tight weave;  the knot count, north of 120 per inch.  I marveled at the complexity of the pattern and wondered at the hours which went into its creation.  As I beheld this masterpiece of weaving, I  noticed the edge of another rug peeking out just around the corner, my lucky day. 

My curiosity was rewarded by a bold blue field and geometric pattern surrounded by an intricate floral border it was another Caucasian prayer rug. This example, a Kuba carrying a design which can be traced to an individual village of Perpedil.
This beautiful work of art certainly showed its age, but was in remarkable condition.  My mind wondered to another time and place, when this rug would be delicately laid out, pointing in the direction of the Holy city of Mecca, its owner kneeling in rhythmic prayer and devotion.  The lives these works of art have lived, the history they carry make one think.
As I worked my way through this local home, I picked out six fine antique rugs altogether.  A massive Persian with an Islamic Calligraphy border was another favorite of mine as was a faded Afghan tribal. This fine collection was assemble over a century ago and therefore represents an extremely rare opportunity for the collector to own one of these fine Antiques.  These rugs will be offered for sale to the highest bidder on November 8th.  Until then, I look forward to seeing you at the auction!