Wednesday, November 6, 2013


One of my favorite forms of Art is jewelry.  It is a combination of metallurgy, nature and human artistic expression.  Something deep within our DNA attracts us to these objects of beauty.  Our eyes are drawn to gold, our pupils become fixated on a diamond's brilliance.  Is it the beauty both man made and natural which connect us to these objects, or do we just respond to things which sparkle?  For me antique and vintage jewelry hold a special allure.  Whether the ornate detail of a 19th C. Victorian Brooch, covered in mine cut diamonds, or the aerodynamic lines of a 1930's Art Deco Bracelet, I see the beauty.  

This week a call delivered an incredibly diverse collection of fine jewelry.  This group spans a century, from the 1890's to the 1990's, every piece has two common attributes: quality and beauty.  The first work of art presented, was a massive opal and diamond pendant dating from the early 20th C.  The center stone is a round cut Opal with sunrise colored fire, surrounded by over 4c of mine cut diamonds and another pear shaped stone suspended beneath.  Next came a three diamond ring, with stones that appeared to be internally flawless under the 10X of my loupe.  Both these pieces have been sent out for a full appraisal. 

My absolute favorite piece in this collection is an English, Victorian Cameo Necklace in it's original fitted box.  This piece consists of six hand carved Italian Shell Cameos set in 15K gold.  The quality and beauty of this piece is simply remarkable.  In total this call netted over thirty pieces of fine jewelry, which will be available to the highest bidder in our January 21st sale.