Sunday, October 20, 2013


A gentleman crossed our threshold with a very large box of silver.  I am always thrilled to have precious metals show up, although often upon closer inspection I see the dreaded letters "E.P.N.S" or "Rodgers & Co".  I would estimate that for every piece of Sterling Silver, I see 20 pieces of electroplate.  So with this ratio in mind, I am usually a bit skeptical.  

As we began to unpack the box, the first thing I saw was a beautiful heavy gauge water pitcher.  It looked like early 20th Century Gorham, but I held my breath as I inverted it and made out the marks.  Wrong! It was signed Wallace, but also carried that wonderful word "STERLING".  Another Pitcher followed, this one signed "Gorham" and fortunately "STERLING".  Alright, I was beginning to get excited.  The next piece was a large oval serving tray.  It had a beaded edge and was heavy.  Underneath I beheld another one of my favorite markings "TIFFANY & Co".  I just love anything made by this legendary producer. 

The box turned into a second box and then a third.  Another solid silver tray appeared.  A beautiful Sterling flatware set was the finale.  Late 19th Century heavy quality from a rare and elite maker, with 117 pieces.  After we unpacked this collection and weighed everything, the total was nearly 400 Ozt of .925 Sterling Silver!  

These beautiful and artistic pieces generally sell simply for the price of silver they contain.  I am always amazed, as it is the biggest bargain in the business,  all of the artistry of design and fine craftsmanship comes free.  Antique Sterling Silver draws the eye like nothing else and we are always grateful when it comes through our door.  We will be offering almost 600 Ozt for our November 19th sale! Looking forward to seeing you at the auction.